Health Care

Bob has always been committed to fighting for high-quality, affordable health care for all. As a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee that sets national health policy, Bob has championed legislation to help families meet the challenges of autism, fought to protect a woman’s right to quality health services, advocated for investments in research funding for New Jersey’s hospitals and universities, and has been a champion for community health centers that provide care to underserved communities. Bob stood up against the Republicans’ misguided attempts to strip health care from millions of Americans, and said NO to a plan that hiked premiums for middle-class and working people, gutted the guarantee of essential benefits, disproportionately hurt women and the disabled and forced the most vulnerable to pay for a massive tax cut for the richest among us. Bob will continue fighting to defend and improve the Affordable Care Act while building on its success by working across the aisle so that millions of Americans can receive affordable coverage.


Creating Good Paying American Jobs

Bob’s number one priority is creating more good paying jobs for the people of New Jersey. For too long through the economy has benefited the very top at the expense of the middle class. Bob is fighting for economic policies that increase wages, empower the middle class and small businesses, and foster social mobility. That means investments in infrastructure to but construction workers back to work, job training to make sure New Jersey has a skilled workforce for the jobs of the future, and tax policy that brings jobs back to American and penalizes outsourcing.


Environment & Climate Change

Bob has consistently fought for dramatic action to reduce the effects of climate change. He is a champion for protecting New Jersey’s beaches, coastal communities and green spaces. Bob is also focused on making New Jersey a leader in responsible renewable energy development to lower our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reinvigorate our workforce in the 21st century global economy.



As a product of public schools, federal loans and grants to become the first in his family with a college education, Bob understands how important it is to give every kid the chance at a first rate education. Bob will never stop fighting to ensure every child has access to early education, opportunities to attend quality public schools, and affordable secondary education. He also knows that we can’t reach these goals until we support schools, teachers, and parents to encourage young people to build a the skill-set needed to excel in the 21st century economy.